POF : Why are there so many divorced women with 2 or more kids?

POF : Why are there so many divorced women with 2 or more kids?

Every time I search in my area, there is nothing but women that have popped out 2-4 kids, and divorced. How can you have 2 to 4 kids or more with some guy and then decide you don’t like them and divorce them? Then they expect to find some other guy to take on the daddy role?

By. CzechMeOut69

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  1. Wow dude. Aren’t you a winner.
    So here’s my 2 cents.
    I am the ‘woman who has popped out 2-4 kids and divorced’ although never married so never divorced, but separated after 11 years.
    Reason for separating? My ex partner was cheating on me while I was pregnant with our second child.
    So when you find out something like that, yes, you divorce his ass. Or leave his ass in my case. It’s not a matter of not liking them anymore, more of a matter of ‘like hell I’ll be staying with someone who cheats on me’. Or maybe the marriage had just run its course.
    Also, I’ll never expect any guy to take over the dad role to my kids, their father takes care of them when he has them, they don’t need another one.

    Just because you have kids and aren’t still married/together with their father, doesn’t mean you need to go into hiding and never have any sort of relationship with anyone ever again. The amount of times I’ve been hit up for a casual sex relationship by guys, who know I have kids and couldn’t care less, it’s astonishing, and frankly, I’d be stupid not to take them up on their offer, I’m not getting younger.
    Hell, it’s easy enough for fathers/divorced men to do, why not women?

    Maybe ask these women questions before you jump all over their situation. Everyone has a story.
    And honestly mate, you manage to grab yourself one of these women, you’ll be stocked up on awesome snacks and she’ll be one of the best women you ever get to sleep with. We know a thing or 2… or change your age limit filter.

  2. Wow ok. I’m one of those women that have 3 kids , going through a divorce. Not because I just stopped liking him but because he cheated and had a baby with someone else. Should I stick around after that? My kids have a dad we are not yearning for a new man to play daddy, I want a man in my life. Now if I find a new man and we grow into something deeper (Ltr/marriage)then he will play an active role because my kids are with me 85% of the time. I don’t need someone to pay my bills and pick up any slack, just companionship for me.

  3. U do realize that if there are a lot of divorced women with 2 or more kids that also means there a lot of divorced men with 2 or more kids (assuming they are hetero).

    If that’s not what you’re looking for it’s quite simple, don’t match w them. Or state it in your profile so they can avoid you. Tbh do all the women a favor and put this in your dating profile so none of them will waste their time on u.

  4. Well it wasn’t until she had her second kid that my GF found out that her then husband had been cheating on her for years. Your comment reeks of someone who hasn’t been out in the real world for very long.

  5. If you don’t see yourself as a step parent, then that is fine. But there’s no need to judge people for their choice to divorce. The decision is stressful enough without your foolishness.

  6. The divorced women didn’t wait around for you to impregnate them, somebody else got to it first. For whatever reason these women are now single. If you don’t want to be a part of it, I guess hold out for someone who never has kids. Maybe you are younger but many women will have kids who are grown. Maybe that will appeal to you.

  7. Look, there are issues on both sides with single parents. Some aren’t even married. You get either the busy parent or the careless one that never sees the kids. If single parents aren’t your thing, don’t date them. If they can make time for you in their busy life, give it a shot, but dont meet those kids early. Sometimes relationships fall apart & they didnt plan for it to be difficult finding love after already starting a family. I briefly dated a single dad with 2 kids. Didnt work because he either worked alot or had his kids on weekends. I tried but he was too busy, didn’t think how it would be in the future when it came to dating.

  8. women make poor life choices. this is nothing new. They are intrinsically attracted to jerks and assholes, and act all surprised when the man they married is a jerk/asshole.

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