POF : Idiot gets what he deserves

POF : Idiot gets what he deserves

Idiot gets what he deserves

By. ImBestServedCold

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  1. Had this typed up then it got deleted…


    Dude messages me then disrespects me in under 10 minutes. I saw his message and went to go delete the others but by the time I came back, he had already said his piece. I played nice and chill to see if he would apologize or at least to see how he’d respond and he acted as if he didn’t just disrespect me. Eww. So I decide that Im going to send a rude message to his snapchat after I block him on POF but then get lazy and decide against it. I go grab a coffee and toast, catch up on some work I had to do then come back to find that hes sent yet another message basically insinuating that hes pissed that he is having to wait. Umm not everyone has all the time in the world to sift through messages nonstop.

    So pretty annoyed at that point, I decided to commit 5 minutes of my time to shredding him a new one by addressing that entitled mentality of his. Yeah yeah it’s petty and mean and I could have just let it go and blocked him like the other rude messages from other people but I didnt. . No one owes you anything. If you message someone and they don’t respond back, maybe they are busy, maybe they arent interested or you can delude yourself into thinking something is wrong with the app or messages. idc. If you dont get a response then oh well. Sure it might be nice to say ‘hey sorry not interested’ or ‘hey cutie, lets meet up your the man of my dreams’ but dont expect that then take it out on the person when you get radio silence.

  2. I guess I’m supposed to give you a « you go girl » response, and obviously the waitress comment was a total dick move. But I’m just curious, how is it that you were able to hurl the « abuse » word at him, more than once, based on what little he typed to you? Was there more of this exchange that was left out? Do you feel that you were any better with the numerous stinging insults you hurl back at him in that angry ~~novel~~ response?

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