POF : Ifs ands and bots

POF : Ifs ands and bots

I’ve been on POF on and off for about 6 years. Keep encountering the same problem…men message me but they don’t sound at all like their profiles. They do in the beginning but then the msgs deteriorate into broken english. Also lies about the time of day they’re sending them. Eg good morning when its night and they say they’re in the same time zone as me. The interesting thing is that they’re all engineers. How can I only attract engineers? Anyone else with similar experiences?

By. denichol

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  1. Sounds very much like scammers that start with automated bots to get things rolling and switching to human scammers once they have a potential victim.

    Its unfortunate that these crooks try to victimize people who arent exactly vulnerable, just looking for a date.

    As for engineers, they are typically men due to focus and temperament and Male behavior, but scammers likely use engineer because it implies higher earnings and education and therefore sophistication.

  2. Yeah I get spammed by bots in the same way. Super hot women with profiles that make them look extremely easy to bang. I use tineye to check pictures and see if they just stole stock photos from somewhere.

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