POF : Scammers are improving

POF : Scammers are improving

A little of how my day was going that day, I had dropped the towel in life. No reason to keep at it just to keep it short, then I matched with ‘Layla’ (change the name in case she turns out to be real), Layla was pretty, but not one that seems out of my league, she seemed normal. But then I noticed that her profile required upgraded membership to talk to her, but she included her phone number on the bottom of her page, obviously disguised in between the letters. Again today I’m in a dark place, so I texted her. Her number had my area code, so I was not that suspicious. Thing is that I had a breathtaking conversation, we talked about everything. Movies, favorite foods, hobbies, etc. Then she said she was a cam model, but at that point she kept talking about normal local things, even sending me a picture of her in lingerie. Then after almost 40 minutes of conversation, she said she needed me to watch her for 20 minutes and give her rating, that’s when I told her… or him that it better not be a scammer (dumb question I know), fast forward 5 minutes and she asked for my email, and a date in a local Starbucks (sent me complete address as it appears in google maps) odd since us locals don’t usually describe everything that way since it’s not a big city. Another fast forward and Layla sent me a link for me to join, but needed a credit card. That was it for me, scammer.

Note that I lowered my guard with the cam girl thing since some crazy chick gave a presentation earlier in the week about ‘someone you know is a sex worker’, and dropped the bomb saying she was a proud whore and cam girl. (Liberal class). I though Layla was real, I smiled behind my screen thinking she was a real woman, was not since she gave me the usual ‘get out of my life’ just because I refused to join the so called ‘cam show’. Not going to lie, it was a felt conversation, and I’m mad/sad with myself. I gave him every offensive slur I could possibly pull off against India, since I assume he was from India.

By. Freppe26

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