POF : I’m a Copy and Paste Warrior.

POF : I’m a Copy and Paste Warrior.

My approach on POF is copying and pasting messages to about 30 females. I usually get about one message reply.. 😂😂 the site is just pitiful..

By. DBoneyeah

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  1. Honestly, think about it. Your first impression is everything, and social media gives anyone the right to pretty much decide if you are worth their time or not by looking at a picture and reading a paragraph. So that first message can really make or break it.

    With that being said, I don’t think most people realize how numb technology has made us. A woman will get 400 messages a day, all saying more or less the same thing. So they tell you to be creative, say more than “hey”, which I agree with. But women (who are very often the ones who get to pick, and not the ones who have to be picked) forget that there are really only SO many ways to start a conversation. Especially when their profile has a ten word description and nothing to go off of.

    Honestly I think many of these problems are rooted in the numbness that technology brings into social interaction. Whereas before the internet when you were mostly confined to the area you lived in and dated from that community, now you are basically putting yourself out there for MILLIONS of people to judge, critique, and talk too. Instead of a few guys/girls around town you might be interested in / might be interested in you, there are now 10,000 profiles within a hundred miles all looking for the same thing.

    Technology/social media has brought us together in so many ways, but it has also driven us apart.

    —Just some FYI: I am a 23 year old virgin, I’ve been on all of these sites/apps for at LEAST 5 years, and I’ve never gotten more than a couple messages back. I used to blame women/others for my self beliefs and ideations, my loneliness, my depression, yada yada yada, but eventually I realized that it was all my own fault, my own problems, and my own doing. Now I’m still lonely, depressed, yada yada yada, but atleast I know who to blame.

  2. That approach will most likely get you banned if you continue it. Someone on here a few weeks ago said they got banned for doing that.

    I am a girl who can tell right away when it is a copy and paste message and I don’t even respond. Be a little more witty with your responses or else you will find out the hard way copy and paste makes it worse

  3. my friends and I all have profiles so we send one another screenshots and see that crap alllllll the time! we know when you’ve done the copy/paste thing and we know when you say one thing to me and something totally opposite to a friend of mine…it makes you look like a dick just trying to get laid. just keep it real.

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