POF : I’m not allowed?

POF : I’m not allowed?

Why am I not allowed to be uninterested in someone? Is it so bad that someone doesn’t like how you’ve presented yourself on the site? Why do guys get so angry at me when I’m not interested? Why do I need a reason? I’d say the same thing to their face. 🤷🏿‍♀️

By. TheTerribadger

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  1. This bothered me to no end on POF. When I first started out on it I would politely respond to guys I was not interested in letting them know I was not interested. It was usually because they were looking for something totally different than I was or they lived too far away from me. I stopped doing that when I got nasty messages in response back. I had one guy constantly message me hate messages until i was able to block him and report him. Another guy we were mid conversation and it was clear this was not going anywhere so I told him best of luck in his search that I just did not sense a connection. 2 seconds later he tells me im a bitch, and to go fuck myself and how my mother dresses me funny.


    Not all guys are like this by any means but if a girl says they are not interested please don’t be nasty.

  2. I prefer when a lady says she’s not interested, rather than ignore or block me for trying to engage in conversation.

    To be honest I’ve found that people who end up online dating usually do it because they struggle to get dates in real life. That’s often because they’re terrible people with issues, like guys who get mad every time they’re rejected

  3. Male ego at its finest! Those beta backboard fat guys dream of slender Asian women and treat fat girls like shit. My friends older brother is like that to a tee. He even had a shirt that said no fatties.

  4. You are allowed to do whatever you want, the unfortunate state of pof is that there are a lot of men on it that have been ignored by majority of the women they contact and have become bitter, nothing will change this, you have to either deal with it or leave pof.

  5. I sometimes send a nice response to thank them for the message but I don’t think we are a match. Then, I wish them the best of luck on their search. I either receive a thoughtful response thanking me for responding or I get something hateful and mean. There’s no in between. I try to be nice with the message since someone took the time to send a message, but I figure I dodged a bullet when I get the nasty response back.

  6. !!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have met so many 35-45 year old crybabies on plenty of fish! I once got just *hollered at* (as much as you can yell though text anyway. Scolded?) by a 41 year old, seemingly grown ass man, at 9am, because I said I don’t give out my phone number *right away*. We are in a messaging app. What difference would my number make?? We were only on the third round of messages, I knew nothing about him, as he asked 2 questions about me and I responded, and then **BOOM** he was pissed because I explained it was easier to block on the app than on my phone, if (when) someone turned into a crazy person… I wasn’t even rejecting him (yet). I just didnt immediatley give him what he wanted, and he lost his damn mind. This is probably why I chase younger men? Hahaha! Dudes from my generation seem to be the kids who all got trophies for showing up, yet they’re the ones screaming the loudest about the « snowflakes ».

  7. I would have to guess it’s a build up of frustration. People rather just not say anything if they can. I get that women feel it’s repetitive to say, “no thank you I’m just….” It’s just a decent thing to do. We spend so much time randomly searching for things on our phone and sending out meaningless texts to friends it’s really no inconvenience to send someone off with a little esteem boost.

  8. Yes, you’re allowed to not take interest in anyone you feel that’s creepy, insufficient chemistry and other differences. Before you block the guy, politely tell him that you’re not interested and be polite. Don’t insult him because it would be grossly unfair to judge someone. If he takes it the wrong way and harasses you, block him and if he creates another account and continues to harass you, report him and he’ll be banned from the site.

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