POF : POF showing unsuitable matches, deliberate?

POF : POF showing unsuitable matches, deliberate?

In addition to doing a bit of research into the differences between M and F profiles and what each can send as a message and to what age ranges (Women can message anybody anything, the POF age, swearword, sexual content and general message filters rules do not apply F to M, only M to F) i’ve been playing around with profiles with overlapping, but different age ranges. Both profiles are set to the same location and both profiles set to the same body type preferences, the only difference is the age set on the profile.


The the first profile is set to age 20 with a ‘contact me’ range from 18 to 23, the other is set at 28 with ages set between 20 and 40. The ages you can message has been done before although the +/- 14 years rule isnt quite as clear cut as that.


I digress, the point of this post is that each profile will show a range of potential matches via the search function. What is interesting is that on the 28 profile under the general search I get quite a few 18 year old, and then the rest are mainly 29 or 30, but no mid 20s at all. POF prevents me from contacting the 18 year olds regardless of what age range they’ve set as their preference.


I then load up the profile set to 20, to see if it returns the same results. Only this time it doesnt show me any 18 year olds at all. On this search the youngest profile is 24. It does however reveal profiles that didnt show up before in the mid to late 20s age range, however all bar one have their age preferences set so I cannot contact them on that profile.


It ends up that I search on the younger profile to view profiles of women in their mid 20s, then log back in on the older profile to message them. So if you get the feeling that there has got to be more women in your area around your own age that you just cant see, thats because POF is doing something fucky to stop you finding them.

By. km6669

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