POF : Improving Plenty of Fish (Software Developers only)

POF : Improving Plenty of Fish (Software Developers only)

One of the weakness that I see in Plenty of Fish is that there’s a complete lack of an ability to track who you’ve interacted with and how you’ve interacted with them.

The closest we get is the First Contact Page ( []( ), and a flag that says (« You emailed this user » ) . What if you look at a profile and say Ick. There’s no way to stop it from coming up again WITH The exception of ultramatch where you can remove a user.


It would be nice to be able to search profiles, curate matches automatically to ones you haven’t reached out to.

It would also be nice to have an extended log of communications (beyond one month) and automatically track your interactions with a contact, history etc..


To solve these problems, I started creating a Python Program with Beautiful Soup. I have done the following

1) Go through the Ultra Match, and put into a spreadsheet all the matches you haven’t contacted, and generate a MS Excel file with a clickable Hyperlink to open the profile (save time). If I’ve contacted them before, automatically click on the Remove from Ultra Match Link so I don’t see them again.

2) Go through the standard matches, generate a search URL based on the criteria in the drop down.

3) Comb through a given list of profiles, and scrape all information (Name, age, sex, blah blah down to last time on)


In the future I would like to :

Automatically scrape the inbox and outbox to create a per user message history, indicating whether or not sent messages were read.


My question is this –


Are there any software developers who would like to create a Python Program, which creates and extends the functionality above? I’m thinking of using Pandas, Beautiful Soup, Selenium, and more. I looked on Git Hub and there are not really any scrapers going on. It would be nice to create a program to give the user more control..


PM message me or reply here.

By. PUA19124

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  1. The problem being, the owners,, likely let pof sink abysmally so people move on tp the paid site. The tons of bots and fake accounts aren’t the only signs, it’s also the outdated code and options.

    Nice try, and good work. Sadly, it will likely never be considered.

  2. Well, I’ve had success making my own scraper. I spit up my message creation by about a factor of 10. If I can do it, other people can outside of Plenty of Fish

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