POF : In need of some help to make my profile more appealing

POF : In need of some help to make my profile more appealing

I’m in need of some help to make my profile more appealing women don’t hold conversations or reply back and just view my profile.

By. CobraCommander85

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  1. Do you have more photos of you with friends / in a group? There’s the old ‘all your photos shouldn’t be group photos’ but it’s good to have a couple of group photos to show what kind of stuff you’re into – I’ve got photos from a Christmas party / birthday party / ascot on my profile.

    Some higher quality photos might be good as well – the first two look like the old webcam photos that we had > 10 years ago which might make someone think that your photos are super old and therefore what do you look like in the present? I’ve seen some guys label one of their photos ‘most recent’ or even something like ‘Galstonbury 2017’

    Also what kind of opening messages are you sending? I view every single profile where a guy messages me even if the message is “Hey” or even something offensive just out of my own curiosity but I will only ever reply if there’s thought put into the first message and they’ve read my profile. Similarly I don’t expect a guy to respond if my message is just “Hey, you alright”. I’d read their profile and ask them a question based on what they’ve written, if they’ve not written anything then ask a question based on their photos.

    At the end of the day just remember that you might not be their type. If I get a message from a guy who isn’t my type I won’t respond – maybe I should and let them know that’s why but the couple of times I did they would keep on messaging me afterwards trying to change my mind until I’d block them so now it’s easier to just not respond

    Hopefully that helps in some way!

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