Dating : Be Unstoppable

h2>Dating : Be Unstoppable


‘MA in Political Science’ — I locked my Choice with fulfillment.

I topped the University with 96.7% of marks in my Bachelor degree. My Parents were filled with the joys of spring, that day. My Staffs, Friends & Relatives were passing Good Wishes to us. My Class Counselor had motivated me for better Opportunities throughout the course. She provides valuable Advice whenever I participate in curricular & extracurricular activities. She handled Micro Economics, Elements of Public Administration and Foundation of Political Science. My Parents who carved my name with pride are curious in sending me to IIHS for MA Archaeology course. My Dad, a senior history professor in one of the top Colleges in the city aspires about my Career in Archaeology Survey of India.

To be Honest, I chose History in UG to learn India’s Administration System and related aspects. Commendable knowledge of the Indian Economy & Ancient Indian Political Thought is must when you are eager to choose Public Servant as your Designation. Do you agree? I tried several times to convince my Mom in choosing my favorite Career option. But Mom’s emotional appeals often win the Argument. She wanted me to choose my Dad’s Dream Job. I have my counseling tomorrow.

Few of our Classmates chose the same College to pursue a Master degree in History. The Foundation which I built all these years for my Career will turn to be Meaningless if I choose Archaeology. I was in the state of Bemusement when I received a call from Santhosh. He is proud as Peacock. He expected my Distinction as he is aware of my hard works.

“Hi Janu!”

‘Hi Santhu!!’ — I was broken.

“Are you Okie Officer?”

‘Yes Santhu.’

“Will you remember me, when you become a Public Servant?”

‘How will I forget you when I sit next to your Cabin in Archeology Survey of India?’

“Are you Mad or What Janu?”

‘My Mom is expecting me to choose Archaeology, Santhu. I need to give up my Wish to make my Dad Happy.’

‘I have no guts to speak about this to Dad. They are delighted about my Marks and Kumar uncle was speaking about the future benefits of a Career in ASI.’

“So, you are planning to compete me over there as well?” — He spoke in a high-pitched voice.

‘If that is my Destiny, I will continue to compete you!’ — I lowered by Voice.




“Uhh..Hiccups! Can you drink a glass of Water for me?”

‘It is ridiculous Santhu.’ — I shouted.

“Come on Janu, You are my Best Friend. Can you take Medicines for my Cold?”

‘How is it possible Santhosh?’

“Exactly. It is impossible.”

“You are not compelled to take Bitter Gourd Fry, which is Ridhanya’s favorite dish.”

‘What are you trying to tell me with this Bitter Gourd Fry?’

“You do what you like. You make your day as per your Wish. Neither I nor Friends could usher you.”

“You may be good at Geography; I cannot compel you to excel in Botany.”


“Your Ambition is truly challenging. You can be a change to this Society. Parents may have hesitation due to the complications in this Field.”

“Only a few Women choose Public Service as their Career. I believe that, if you pursue your Dreams, you can Outshine & be a role model to the Younger Generation.”

‘But Dad will be Happy if I get a Job in ASI.’

“Will you be Happy Janu?”

I have no words to Say.

“If you choose the Career you adore, you will work with gratification. The epics you have learned will support you throughout your Life.”

‘You are right Santhu! ’

“Parents are overwhelmed with joy as you outranked all the other Students in the University. Won’t they feel Complete, if you are praised by benevolent unknown Hearts?”

‘And you will be on Cloud Nine if I don’t continue to disturb you in ASI!’

We laughed.

You are capable of Amazing things!!

Next day, at Counselling Hall:

“Hello, Miss.Janani! Which College you would like to Choose?” — a staff asked.

‘Hi! I would like to choose Rajiv Gandhi University.’ — I told.

“3 Seats are available for your Marks. Which Course you would like to take?”

I spare a second to Smile…

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