POF : Initial Thought, BS?

POF : Initial Thought, BS?

Friend of mine suggested this site as well as Snapchat, he apparently is now engaged to a girl he met over one of these apps.

I figured fuck it and gave POF a shot. Apparently, within 10 minutes, I have a message and several people that want to meet, I guess? At 2:30 AM and only one photo added, nonetheless.

The posts I skimmed through here talk a lot about bots. Can someone give some pointers to tell bots apart sooner rather than later? Usual bio descriptions, initial messages, something like that?

And based on what I’ve read, it seems paying for the membership is also bull as bots galore. Anybody have pointers?

By. ZombieHuggerr

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  1. « Meet me » is fucking shit.

    Bots are identifiable by a few methods, but common sense is the best way, if you want a few pointers, most bots use presets, the profession will be « job », they will have a few random numbers after the name, they will have a jarring cheery message in the bio and nothing else, this all indicates a possible bot.

    Your friend is lucky or probably rather good looking and tall.

    Avoid the women who explicitly state how friendly, open minded and willing to chat to anyone they are, these ladies are likely to ignore you.

    Do not pay it will depress you, you’ll see how many people leave messages unread and deleted.

  2. Avoid Meet Me at all costs. It’s merely a way to convince people to pay up as that’s the only way to see who wants to meet you. It’s important to understand that not everyone on POF is there to find a new relationship or even to hook up, dating apps are a fun time-waster for a lot of women who love swiping through profiles on their phones during some down time or with friends.

    As for bots they all have images scraped from Instagram, the usual sort of attractive young woman doing a selfie, and the usernames have more numbers than actual name.

  3. Some of the other signs of scammers is wanting to move off POF and onto email or something else. Very short, generic messages. You can go under edit profile and manage your mail settings. One will not pass through initial messages that are less than 50 characters. I’m in my 60’s and see profiles that are near my age (to pass through age filters) but clearly are in their 30’s at most.

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