POF : Is anyone stupid enough to give out their phone number?

POF : Is anyone stupid enough to give out their phone number?

I mean seriously, this sight has never deleted a user, some profiles are as old as I am. their « questionnaire » must be a scam its never used for anything. pofs best match is the users mostly likely to log on soon.. do they really think asking for phone numbers is going to help them? or are they just looking for more user info they can sell?

By. SirToxILot

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  1. You have to delete your profile yourself on POF. I always delete it when I no longer use it or I am in a relationship. No I don’t hide it I delete it.


    Also you make no sense and I can’t understand what you are trying to get at with the phone number thing. Are you talking about giving POF your number, or giving someone you are talking to on there your number?

  2. I actually got deleted once because I blocked too many guys. I was blocking them because the were rude or vulgar or being the stereotypical « nice guy ».

  3. Been a while, but I’ve seen legit profiles with personal info, phone numbers, emal addresses and full names.

    If I’m chatting with the person I’ll mention how it’s undafe to do so. One woman actually called me a sick stalker and blocked me, guess I avoided that nut…

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