POF : Is it possible to change Meet Me ages and distance?

POF : Is it possible to change Meet Me ages and distance?

Often times when I use the meet me feature the cards of people who I’ll swipe through are at the other end of the country for me, or at distances I cannot reach so I often have to swipe no. They’ll often be way out of my age range for what I’m looking for too. This can be quite annoying as quite attractive people will show who I like the look and sound of only for me to find out they are at such a vast distance there isn’t really no point in trying to message them or swiping yes.

By. Ethan-B24

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  1. There is no reason to use the Meet Me feature, it is just a gimmick and serves no purpose.


    All you need is, Advanced search (use the filters), sort by last online.

  2. You can change it all you want but the site will change it back. They’ve always done that and it is super annoying. I am guessing its because there aren’t enough people in your area/age range to show you so they widen the search to make it appear that there are. It makes it so much more difficult to wade through potential matches and its one of the many things i hate about that site

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