POF : Is it worth upgrading?

POF : Is it worth upgrading?

Besides being able to see if a girl read my initial message is there anything valuable about upgrading or is it just a pof cash grab?

By. marioshroomed

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  1. POF is free for a reason. It is totally not worth it to upgrade. Anyone I know that has says all the likes they had were from people they swiped left on. It is a waste

  2. Totally not worth it. If you’re lucky you’ll get about a 10% response rate on your sent messages. Those who send you messages first are usually bots or scammers. It will just drive you nuts and fuck with your self confidence knowing these women are reading your messages and choosing not to reply.

  3. I’ve never upgraded and don’t intend to. The meet me function was worthless when you could still see who it was. They were either too far away or a fake account.

  4. It is not worth it to upgrade. Just a waste of money. Most girls that will like you on there are probably catfishes or cam girls.

  5. Not worth it. Either the women there think you’re cute, or they don’t. A gold star in your profile pic won’t change that.

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