POF : Is POF full of bots or something?

POF : Is POF full of bots or something?

I literally just created an account about 20 minutes ago, and every girl I’ve messaged actually replied and I’ve had some reach out to me. I’ve only gotten a few matches on other apps like OkCupid, Tinder and Bumble and nothing ever comes of messages. Something seems up.

By. skusey66

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  1. well there are real women like me on pof, but more than likely they are bots, lol. if they are all hot and look 20 something, then probably yeah.


    ask some random question and troll with the bots to be sure.

  2. Yes in the last year it has become over run by bots. Years ago POF used to be great better than match in fact. After Markus sold to match it went down hill.

  3. I got like 20 meet me in a week of signing up and the only people who have relied to me are sex workers and bots.

    I’m wondering if my account setup/messaging is trash or if the site is dead

  4. You can spot them a mile away, because they are usually pics of a porn actress or snap chat model, and the screen name is usually full of random numbers or letters at the end of it. They spam me like 2 minutes after I log in.

    They are annoying and ruining the site.

    Okcupid doesn’t really have that problem, but okc has other issues

  5. Oh oh ooooooh sugar how old are you?? I assure you I’m no bot but I am a bbbw sex machine with a bbp black as a sinful double fudge chocolate supper sized brownie covered in Carmel sauce with whipped cream on top! Infact I’m eating one right now in the nudes mmmm mmm mmm oh my Lord!!! After reading your post I had to have something sweet. If you’re looking for some freaky jungle love HMU! I’m on POF too!

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