POF : is POF the worst/least effective of all dating sites?

POF : is POF the worst/least effective of all dating sites?

and if so, why is it the way that it is?

i have feeling that this site was much better a couple of years ago, but the level of responsiveness of the average person on this site relative to alternatives such as okcupid nowadays is much, much lower on POF. i dont know what it is about POF that makes the people on it so uniquely awful. is it just its main demographic are trashier type of people compared to other dating sites? i get the impression that’s the case. people are impossible to talk to on POF compared to OKC or any other dating site.

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  1. I started on POF in 2009 and it was a lot better from 2009-16 than it is now. It was 95% free back then. You could leave comments on people’s profiles and send virtual gifts but that is gone now. The reason why POF has gone downhill so bad is because Markus sold to match back in either 14 or 15. So it is full of fake profiles and people looking to hookup.


    Don’t bother with Match because they are a scam and 95% of the people on there are also on POF, most of them are not paying members either

  2. It’s basically a hook up site in my opinion. I know that all members aren’t seeking a hook up but I found the majority are. Sally doesn’t perform xy&z in the bedroom so her husband seeks POF for someone that will. That I see a lot. It’s a free dating site so you have to be prepared to come across members that aren’t there for the same purpose you are.

  3. people on it so uniquely awful. are trashier type of people

    THIS! I’m not saying any dating site is great, but POF seems to be in it’s own horror-show category.


  4. In my area around 35-50, for the last 3 or 4 years it is basically the same 150 broken horny guys trying to fuck the same 150 overly picky out of shape women who are not looking for a hook up but almost everyone has had a guy over to their place for sex.


  5. Pretty effective. I gotten dates, laid, etc.

    Just don’t think you’re gonna find the love of your life every match and have fun with it

  6. Yes. It is literally the worst dating app lol. I am a fairly good looking guy (always been rated by others 7.5-8.5/10), got banned from tinder and was using pof for 2 weeks until i figured out how to make a new tinder. I would maybe get 1 real profile that wasnt a scam profile look at my profile per day, and maybe get 1-3 responses per week after messaging dozens of people, never found anyone who would actually meet up for ad ate. My first day back on tinder, i matched with 3 girls and got dates set up for that week… POF is soooo out. Maybe works good for older crowds 30+

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