POF : Is This a Scam?

POF : Is This a Scam?

So I’ve been talking to this hottie for a little bit and we agreed to hook up. But she says that she wants me to verify my age first. She sent me a link to something called pofverifyfwb. Is this a real thing? It’s asking me for my POF login info, so I’m hesitant to log in.

Edit: If I try to remove the 18 years old confirmation box then it redirects me to a site called webcambuffet.

By. IAskQuestions13

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  1. Any site or link thats asks for your log in details for any other site or bank details will be a scam.

    That applies for everything online.

  2. I honestly do not know but I wouldnt risk it.

    It was made with the sole purpose to either scam or pay to view cam girls. So I am going to assume either way they want your money…

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