POF : UBlock/Adblock Plus filter to hide specific profiles on POF

POF : UBlock/Adblock Plus filter to hide specific profiles on POF

Tired of seeing the same people over and over that you would NEVER want to date?

An ex of yours coming up in your results?

POF doesn’t provide a feature to hide specific matches from your searches. But now you can!

I have tested that this works on UBlock Origin on Safari, but the syntax should also work with AdBlock Plus. This works for the Basic Search and Advanced Search results with either detailed or gallery results displayed.

You’ll need either of those plugins installed, then add this to your custom filters:

!Block POF user based on username
!Detailed Results[class^= »white-« ]:-abp-has(A:-abp-contains(USERNAME))
!Gallery Results[class^= »cell »] > TBODY:-abp-has(A:-abp-contains(USERNAME))

Replace « USERNAME » with the name of the profile you’d like to hide.

Edit: minor improvements

By. sylvan

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  1. Bonus rule: hide profiles in Detailed view with no profile picture:[class^= »white-« ]:-abp-has(img[src$= »blanksf.png »])

    And Gallery view:[class^= »cell »] > TBODY:-abp-has(img[src$= »blank2.png »])

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