POF : Is this normal for PoF?

POF : Is this normal for PoF?

Is this normal for PoF?

By. CleanPersimmon7651

What do you think?


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  1. It’s normal for this person who has no self awareness. Block them and be done. Don’t worry about hurting the feelings of some rando that doesn’t have the common sense to not multi-text a stranger with no encouragement.

    Also, I would set it so people **would** know if you looked at their profile. Then they would know you go the message, checked them out, wasn’t interested, and that’s why you didn’t reply.

    This has always worked for me, perhaps it will for you too. If you’re going to be on PoF, just have a strong block game. Sending a first message doesn’t mean you’re owed a response, no matter who sends it.

  2. 5:00pm: « hey »

    5:04pm: « u there?? says ur online »

    5:07pm: « ????? »

    5:09pm: « prolly fuckin some fuckboy »

    Yes, it’s normal.

  3. Context: I checked his profile after the first Hi. I have it set so people can’t see if I look at their profile. So me looking wouldn’t have given him incentive. I look at his profile and see he is absolutely not a match for me: age, adult children, religion, smoker and he’s going for a very unkempt look. So I delete his message. I continue to delete each new message without responding. I’m still getting messaged. Guy has not taken the hint. Did I mention his user name
    includes the word shy? He isn’t acting shy by continually messaging me.

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