POF : it hurts and i feel like a loser

POF : it hurts and i feel like a loser

it hurts and i feel like a loser. ive been on and off this site and other one for years with 0 luck. ive met 0 girls. not to be rude but before you tell me have a good profile have good picture ive changed my profile over and over ive deleted my profile made new ones. ive tried 100 of diff pictures and nothing works. i dont expect every girl or most girls to message me back but i cant even get 1 to write me back or give me a chance an it hurts it makes me cry and feel bad. like i get it not every girl will like me but not even 1 single girl i can get to know or talk to?

By. xRoseColoredBoyx

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  1. Trying to be helpful here, but do you message women the same way you’ve posted here? All lowercase and lack of punctuation does matter to a lot of women. It could be misconstrued as not showing effort.

  2. Nothing just happens. Just because they haven’t been many or any woman that have seem to respond to your messages doesn’t mean you are loser and definitely doesn’t mean you should be crying over it either. Everything takes time. I have been on and off of POF for almost two years now but i’m not going to stress over the fact that not many women get in contact with me because at the end of the day it just means the right one hasn’t been found or arrived . Try to have more confidence in yourself and who you are. Your POF page is a representation of you and depending on how you start off your conversation with women it may be wise to learn how to speak to a woman better. Even I have started off my conversation with a woman wrong but we live and learn. Don’t get totally consumed by women or peoples action either. They have the right to respond and not to respond but just because they don’t respond should never reflect on your worth as a human being or person. They are just humans like you at the end of the day and unless God himself denies you then there’s really no issue.

  3. You are not attractive enough for the vast majority of women, I have the same issue, most of them look at my profile and ignore me, if I ask why or message a second time I simply get blocked.

  4. Just be aware that you have lots of competition. Try messaging as many girls (even ones that you don’t really find attractive, but at same time also don’t find hideous).

  5. POF is terrible mate, for real, I’ve tried it for years with very little luck (couple of dates, one a catfish, the other was mentally infirm)

    People often say this a lot and to me it’s hard too due to depression and social anxiety but it’s genuinely easier to just go out and find someone.

    Mainly because in real life they can’t go through your « profile » with a fine tooth comb trying to find all the little things they disagree with, and body language and intonation in your voice sometimes makes a huge difference.

    If you really feel like you can’t approach women just find a mate who’s confident AF to approach women and say « my mate thinks you’re cute, come chat to him »


  6. Ok, some tips. I know you claim to write with proper punctuation but do you? Pretend you are writing a first contact messahe and post it for us to see. Most people still slip up. Typing all initial messages in Word may help.

    What profile pics are you using? Are they fun ones with smiles and some taken by other people? Those are far better to use.

    What do uou have marked down? Most girls won’t consider guys who have “not seriously looking” down or some variation.

    Do you say friends first? Many girls ignore those guys.

    Do you want children? If not, only medsage girls that don’t want children. So many guys get pissy when I say our goals aren’t compatible.

  7. Go to the gym. Develop new hobbies. Focus on yourself.

    Take the focus off of meeting women and put it on becoming the kind of man women want to meet. Your desperation is why women want nothing to do with you. Fix that.

    Also, use capitalization and punctuation.

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