POF : Ladies, stop with the flirts!

POF : Ladies, stop with the flirts!

Nothing worse than getting notified I have a new message at POF, only to find it’s a lame ass “Hey there”.

I almost NEVER respond to flirts. If you want to get a response, put at least *a little* effort into it.

Even a simple, “Hi, I’m so-and-so” will ALWAYS get a reply from me. I may tell you “Thanks, but I don’t think we’re a good match”, but I will always reply to messages.

I RARELY reply to flirts.

End rant.

By. BrainbellJangler

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  1. First of all when I was on POF I would only send the flirt when I happen to come across a guy who I found similar interests with, but didn’t have time at the moment to write a full on message, and also didn’t wanna lose the profile. I always however went back the second I had the time (about an hr later) and sent a much more detailed message.


    So before you RANT you might wanna take a step back and understand that not all women do it to be lazy. You actually said without saying that its a lazy thing for women to do. What if the girl is in the car and sends a quick flirt because she is about to start driving and can’t text and drive. What if the girl is about to lose her wifi signal and only has enough time to send a quick flirt before it cuts out?


    You can’t just assume all women send it because they are lazy

  2. i didnt know that the flirt button is ignored by all guys. Oh well, if he looked at my profile he would of seen that obviously i wasnt a bot.

    not everyone uses reddit or knows how annoying the flirt button is for people.

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