POF : Let Me Tell You Something

POF : Let Me Tell You Something

I was having a conversation with one person and I was just getting to know the person, small talk and all. All of a sudden, she accuses me of not having anything to talk about and wasting her time, meanwhile, she is only saying one or two words. How can we have an efficient conversation if she is saying no more than two words in every line of dialogue? Conversations are a two-way street, people. I cannot be the only one who at least **tries** to have a conversation.

She has proven to be that she can say more than two words when she called me out for « talking about nothing. » It is just that she just did not want to. That is how you know she is not worth a damn and you should move on. If the person you are talking to refuses to communicate efficiently, please do not continue to engage with that person. You are only hurting yourself.

By. mrbtheboss205

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