POF : Likes vs Mutual Matches

POF : Likes vs Mutual Matches

Hey everyone 22M here if that matters,

Downloaded POF for the first time like 2 days ago, spent maybe 1 hour total so far on the app. It’s alright I’ve only used Tinder so not much to compare to, but I’ve gotten a few back and forths so far which is alright I guess.

One thing I noticed is I have ZERO mutual matches which means no one that I swiped right on, swiped right on me? But I have 4 « likes » which is the middle tab on the main page. Are those most likely fake? I can’t see them unless I upgrade, and I haven’t decided if I want to do that yet.

Also, how do you see people who swiped right on you? If I could see this then maybe I’d be able to gauge the likes thing better since they show you a blurry pic of the person who « liked » you.

By. TheOGAllAround

What do you think?


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  1. If someone liked you that means you haven’t liked then yet. Cause if you did it would be a mutual match. Hard to know for sure if those likes are fake. It’s a possibility.

    To see people who swiped right on you I believe you have to be an upgraded (paid) member.

  2. The site is crawling with cam girls. If you can’t see what you’re about to pay for, I wouldn’t give them money. If you’re 22 and decent looking, you’re better off on Tinder.

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