POF : Apparently nice guys….die alone.

POF : Apparently nice guys….die alone.

Ho hum. Yea probably not the kinda crowd I would normally write this too. I don’t know what it is, maybe I’m ugly or something, though I have had girls online say I am handsome a few times *shrug*.

I mean sure, I’m a 32 yo Christian looking for a Christian woman with some values, but I don’t get it, they are out there even though not as many as other woman. What’s it about me?

I’ve made profiles on like 5 different dating sites and almost no one messages me. I mean once in a great while I get a message but it’s usually from someone who I don’t think is that attractive. I don’t have high standards, I just would rather meet some one idk that I wouldn’t think twice about kissing.

Guess I’m just lonely…….shit, why the hell am I posting here….. 😔

By. Ccloudff7

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  1. Online dating is hard and its much harder for you on POF because you are a guy and POF is now full of fake profiles and bots. I would not let it get to you. Have you tried Christian Mingle? They may have more of what you are looking for

  2. [Ccloudff7]( Seriously stay away from on-line dating. It is terrible for most men and you’ll get people always laying all the blame at your door when the bare truth is, the odds are completely against most men on those dating sites…..Its just the way that it is and if men was receiving so many messages as women. I really believe it would warp their way of thinking too.


    Like those women who get so many messages, their mindset probably changes to « I get 30+ messages a day. I must be irresistible to these men, so I must wait until someone like Chris Hemsworth comes along »…..It’ll never happen but they’re so convinced otherwise, so good luck to them.

  3. I didn’t make this post to get flamed. You can easily say something about someone without knowing anything about them. Self pity, this that and the other thing… How do you know what I have or haven’t tried doing? You want me to be real? I’m anti-social. I was bullied on a daily basis during elementary school and high school. Had next to no friends at any point in my life. I can count the number of friends I’ve had on one hand in 32 years. People had told me they thought if anyone was going to shoot up our school it would be me. I’ve gotten over that, but I’ve never been socially normal.

  4. Stay away from online it’ll come when it comes for dating and clicking right. Don’t try to force anything or make something happen

  5. All the dating apps slowed down, my friend. Consider the apps a back burner.

    I’m sure you’re fine but the fish arent that plentiful online. lol ( idk why all the apps slowed down, tho. Does anyone else know? Just bc of garbage spam?)

  6. try r/incels.

    Most men message women first. Most women have at least 100 messages in their inbox from men who message them first. Most women will not send the first message. My friend says that if you want to meet women, go to church. You’ll notice that there are so many women there, and not a lot of guys. So apparently, church is where you will meet them. They’ll probably not initiate contact either.

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