POF : Maybe the Females On POF Can Chime In On This

POF : Maybe the Females On POF Can Chime In On This

What’s the male equivalent to the duck faces and high angle profile pics I see so often on POF? Is it shirtless pics? It’s totally lame. Some women have like 4 or 5 selfies, all taken at that exact angle, all with the same facial expression. It’s so obvious they discovered one favorable pose and are milking it to death. And the duck face thing, ugh… There’s a lot of false advertising going on. Same with men (as far as profile pics go)?

By. spongebob66

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  1. I have actually seen guys with duck faces no joke. Personally I don’t want to see a picture of some guys chest or a picture of a beach or a place of interest as their profile picture. I had my POF set up so that only guys with photos could message me, and I did on occasion get photos from guys who had a photo of their chest as a photo and it was the only phone, or it was a photo of a place of interest. Personally I wanna see who I am talking to, and if a guy can’t show me a picture of what he really looks like then he is clearly hiding something and im all set with that

  2. Men do the same stuff. They try to hide any facial problems, lazy eye, weird chin, large forehead, multiple chins, oddly shaped skull, angles to appear slimmer or masculine or whatever. Humans do this in general. My red flag is usually same angle, and side angles. Idk why but when a guy doesnt take any pics front and center, red flags go off. Just like a woman not having full body pics gives yall red flags.

  3. 99% of POF male photos:

    #1-Grim/angry/pissed off expression photos. Followed by four more photos of the same guy with a grim/angry/pissed off expression.

    I’ve seen cheerier guys in arrest photos.

    #2 The selfie taken from below the chin (unflattering for everyone,), often in the car.

    #3 And of course, as you point out, the shirtless bathroom mirror photo (or five of them!)







  4. With nothing but head shots or selfies I automatically think no life and no friends.

    Jeep or car pics… Without them in it. Yawn ..

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