POF : Met my husband on POF… So don’t lose hope?

POF : Met my husband on POF… So don’t lose hope?

Just giving a little encouragement, just in case someone needed it. Also willing to help out with dating profile advice, or something. I’m just really grateful I met my man, so I’m trying to give back 🙂 I can say with 500% certainty I would not have met him if we hadn’t both met on that website because we’re both incredibly introverted and don’t go out much.

By. iAndroidz

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  1. I have been having crap luck. Either u get really annoying desperates or people who just want sex. They think I am desperate or something.

  2. Any advice?
    I’ve signed up to POF number of times in the past and gave up a lot, I’m at the stage right now of giving up, I dont visit it daily but check it now and then, When someone wants to « MeetMe » I give them a message but everytime I get nothing and feel like I’m just not good enough.

  3. I also met my fiancé on that site. It was a real crazy story. I had gotten out of A divorce a year prior to trying the site and I said to myself I’ll never do online dating but just give it a shot. So I logged in to plenty of fish to create an account and I was literally on the site for maybe a minute or two before my now fiancé messaged me. The rest is history. So after two minutes I turned my account in-active and called her on the phone and that was two years ago. The most amazing relationship I’ve ever had in my entire life is with this woman and I met her online. i’m just happy I get to spend the rest my life with her. She has become everything to me. So there is hope for sites like this. I’m not saying that my experience will happen to anybody else in that short of a time but it is definitely possible. I wish I could just thank the people who created that site.

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