POF : my 1st month

POF : my 1st month

so i tried this site for a month, free version. out of about 35 messages sent, 1 response. (i was too far for her) of those 35, 8 or 9 are in the SAME town!

ok, yeah, i am no piece of arm candy. just an average, retired guy looking to not be alone.

i own my home. there is a park near by where people walk, jog, bike, all day long, MASKS NOT REQUIRED!!

i feel like the perfect fit for some one….ANY ONE!!!! lol but all i ever see are blurry pictures of woman that have liked me or clicked the « meet me ». WTF am i suppose to do with that?

i have been able to look at the blurry pic and name, use that to guess race, then filter it. i can usually find the profile, if it is with in my range limit.

if POF is just sending me bots or trying to get me to pay, just not going to happen.

By. Max_Immelmann

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POF : (281) 925-7634 available for hookup

POF : Just like OKcupid, POF also requires a phone number to sign up, why is that?