POF : My experience with POF/ and why I won’t use it again!

POF : My experience with POF/ and why I won’t use it again!

I usually wouldn’t go to these lengths to write anything bad about anyone but mp3composer, in Dallas/Grapevine, is a wacko. I dated him a few years ago and the date went well, and then he kept planning dates and cancelling at the last moment. I told him I was done with him and low and behold, 7 months later I hear back from him. He apologies and I had just broken up with my on again off again boyfriend. Mp3composer asked me out again and we went out to dinner. The second date was ok. I ended up getting back with my ex, and told this guy that I could no longer talk to him due to being back in a relationship.
About a year passes and somehow he ends up on my Snapchat. I am single and I started talking to mp3composer again and he started calling me honey and baby, which was weird because I hadn’t seen him in awhile. The last time I talked to him he remarked on the fact that I could stand to gain some weight. After my mom died, this past year, I gained weight due to being on antidepressants.
I started talking to mp3composer for 3 weeks, going on a month and he still hadn’t asked me out, which I thought was weird due to the fact that he would claim to want to be around me all of the time.
So, this past Friday I said something like  » since you’re off on Sunday, » why don’t we go to dinner? He proceeds to tell me he wants to see me that night and to meet him 30 minutes away in Plano, at central Market and we would figure out what to do at that point. I thought it was weird, and then I show up to the market and he’s already in the process of shopping. I can’t carry on a conversation with him because he’s obsessed with talking about the food on the shelves.
Then he tells me it’s late and he needs to go home, and I was like « what? » I texted him when I got in and he told me he was turned off by my appearance. He said I dressed to old for how young I am. He tells me this while he knows I am suffering depression from my mom’s death. He told me he liked women who had meat on their bones, but obviously he thought I had gained too much weight, although he never stated that. I just can’t imagine a straight man judging a girl by her outfit. I was wearing a red sundress from Target Juniors and a navy blue sweater. Anyhow, I believe he did this to get back at me for getting back together with my ex, which was not planned out, like his little scheme. Beware of the fact that his brother and sister have restraint orders against mp3composer and his parents. He plays mind games like a child, and sends pictures of himself masturbating. He also thinks that he is really hot, and maybe he used to be, but he’s balding now and he had a ruddy facial appearance. He’s a creep, who will lead you on because he dates numerous women on okcupid and pof.

By. [deleted]

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  1. ok ok ok WHAT,

    what does any of this have to do with POF? you met one weird guy (although you made alot of assumptions) and now you blame the site?

    i don’t get it

  2. I’m marrying my POF date next year and a lot of my friends have met their husband/wife on it too.

    Not al experiences are bad ones.

  3. I’m not offended, I’m just curious as to why you feel the need to waste your time nit picking my post? Why do you care so much? I was sincerely curious to know if you were using POF, and might have felt offended by my post?

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