POF : My PoF experience was short and salty

POF : My PoF experience was short and salty

So I signed up for PoF a few days ago, typical lonely dude here. Like a fool, I jumped right in without doing research on the state of the service these days. I was immediately flooded with Meet Me notifications that I couldn’t see, so I took the bait and signed up for 3 months premium membership (40 bucks down the shitter).

The next couple days were me sifting through profiles, sending messages and weeding out the fakes. I must have viewed or swiped past at least 400 profiles and I know that about half were fake. Of the ones that seemed legit, a good chunk were an hour and a half or more away from me. I live in a capital city, didn’t think it would be that difficult to find someone in town.

Now I know I’m not Adonis, but I am fit and not ugly. The women with legit accounts that I 2as getting paired up with were too far below my acceptable beauty standards, and my standards are not that high. Just looking for someone who isn’t fat and doesn’t have a revolting face, which is apparently impossible to find through PoF.

Like an obsessed detective, I kept swiping through everyone in my area until the Meet Me feature was so out of ideas that it was suggesting women that haven’t been online in 8 months. Meanwhile, the only messages I get are from scammers and Markus from the PoF team.

Last night, I checked my inbox only to find yet another automated message from Markus giving me tips for success. Exasperated, and fairly sure he wasn’t going to read my message anyway, I fired a response (not verbatim, but close)

« This service is fucking depressing. The majority of the accounts are fake, and the rest are either inactive or physically repulsive. I’m disappointed in myself for wasting my time and money on this. »

After that, I called it a night. Woke up this morning and my account has been deleted. Not sure if it was because I had the audacity to use the F-word, maybe I was a little out of line… but that’s not a good justification for taking my money and withholding the service I payed for.

In the end, I’m not too upset because it was unlikely that anything positive was going to come out of this after 3 months. Markus probably saved me a lot of time here. But yeah, don’t waste your time and money on this. This might have been a decent service a few years ago, right now it is a dishonest, depressing mess.

Sorry for the length, thanks for reading.

By. Hyperwhelmed

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  1. Dude both pof and tinder sucks. You have to either be extremely crafty with words or one of the top good looking guys. Also, the women are nasty. I swipe every so often but dude nothing beats seeing and speaking to a woman in person. It’s easier, faster, and you get more

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