Tinder : Review my profile? What is your immediate impression, and what facts can you infer from me

Tinder : Review my profile? What is your immediate impression, and what facts can you infer from me

Review my profile? What is your immediate impression, and what facts can you infer from me

By. Comprehensive_Set

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  1. You’re Asian, most likely southern Chinese. You’re making a statement with the bikini pic « look at my tits » and because you cut it off without your stomach showing you’re probably moderately insecure about your body which probably means you have a little belly fat. The question in your bio is you trying to not be basic af but it sounds basic af « I’m so unique I eat in bed » unless you don’t eat in bed and are repulsed by it and then you’re not basic but you’re trying to be. You have a good job as an analyst so you’re probably pretty sharp and you included it in your bio which means you think it’s something that increases your worth which by extension means you probably care a lot about your career. You’re on tinder trying to meet guys so you’re probably socially awkward to some degree or perhaps are just surrounded by socially awkward people since you’ve failed to do so with conventional means. I guess that’s about it.

  2. U look like ur smart and u spent all of college studying. You’ve never really sleep around that much and u feel like u need to catch up with everyone else so u got a tinder in the hopes to fuck some people before u actually date someone. That’s the vibe I get

  3. Honest opinion:

    You’re carrying a *little* weight (shows in your arms), you’ve got a great job, so you are probably smart and motivated.

    You are up for fun, but you are being less obvious than the copy/paste folks.

    You look happy, though I’ve not checked the other pics – I hope they’re not all solo selfies?

    You like a guy who knows how to use his tongue and fingers properly… well, that’s the only way I eat in bed.

    ::checked other photos::

    You’re fine!

  4. Like you’re making up your mind on them based on how they respond to the eating in bed thing. Also super cute, definitely goal oriented

  5. My advice if you post your profile on Reddit and don’t want people to know your name is to cross it out properly. Including the bold red text saying « Share Emily’s Profile ».

    Aside from that, it looks pretty fine to me. I would word the eating in bed part a bit differently to make sure people to misinterpreted it, unless that was your intention.

  6. Nothing wrong with a revealing pic, it will immediately grab the guy’s attention. I’d say have a good mix of those kinds of photos and ones that showcase you out and about, having fun!

    Your career is definitely a conversation starter, depending on the kind of guy you’re going for. I have had some of my girlfriends tell me that guys can be intimidated by successful, powerful women. Some of my guy friends, who might or might not be a little down on themselves feel like they aim to high. (But everyone gets there at their own pace, right?!)

    Personally, I like the ice breaker question, it’s cute and suggestive, which I think absolutely works on tinder. Maybe add a line or two for more to go on 🙂

    Happy swiping!

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