POF : My pof experience

POF : My pof experience

New here so if i make a mistake, i am sorry.
I am 24(m) i have been on this app for about 5 years and have had no luck getting a date or having anyone talk to me for more than a day or too.(this doesn’t include the thousands of bots) . Recently i decided that i would take a break from the dating scene to work on myself and maybe do other things. Is this the norm on this app and what has your experience been on there.

By. truckdiver01

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  1. I’ve been a member for about a year or so. Like you, I’ve had zero luck, other than the usual responses from obviously-fake profiles. From what I hear from my friends, women do much much better than men on this particular site.

  2. its simple, youre either talking with a scammer or even if you manage to talk to someone real, if theyre a 5/10 on looks, theyll want you to be at least an 8, have a job that pays over $100k a year or be 5 years or more younger than they are.

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