POF : MYTH Women can see if a guy has read or deleted their message

POF : MYTH Women can see if a guy has read or deleted their message

I wanted to debunk a myth about POF that someone was floating around here about a month ago. A long time ago POF used to tell you if someone read your message or if they deleted it without you having to pay for an upgraded membership. Now everyone has pay for the upgraded membership in order to see if someone read their message or deleted it. Doesn’t matter if you are a woman you won’t be able to see if a guy read or deleted your message unless you pay for the upgraded membership. I don’t pay for POF and when they stopped letting people see for free if someone read or deleted their message I stopped seeing that.

So no women do not get extra features for free.


I do not get any extra features for free as a woman. I am only allowed to add 4-5 photos on POF, and if I try to add more it tells me I need to upgrade to a paying membership

By. rsoxgal36

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  1. Some women on POF have told me that they were « given » an upgraded membership without paying for it. This was a few years ago, no evidence, just their word, but I wouldnt be surprised because sites usually look for ways to cater to women.

  2. I definitely get read receipts on my standard POF account as a woman. I live in Canada. Not sure if that’s the difference. I can also privately share photos in conversations without adding them to my profile as a public or private image.

  3. Its true, I made a female account on POF and had asked my friend for her pictures for a month and shes pretty attractive but not model fake account attractive. Oddly enough it was enough to let POF give the account « read receipts » I took everything dont and finished the experiment. I wanted to see what type of guys I’m up against and I honestly think there is no competition. I’m 21 and majority of the guys that are 21 specifically are either junkies or have no car, job, or just plain out say they wanna fuck.

    I’m not some weak piece of shit that’ll say all the good stuff and then change up when we talk « nice guys » but I’m also not a dick. Conversation with me is always possible. Dudes don’t fill their profiles out and no pictures. Doesnt help to standout.

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