POF : If I look uglier will I have more of a chance on POF or less?

POF : If I look uglier will I have more of a chance on POF or less?

I keep getting that men on here don’t really like good looking women with nice bodies. I took down my bikini photo and showed one photo with less made up look. I have a very long profile. And I’m a lot more picky and just like not as friendly as I used to be. I don’t really see how it works. Though. Like if I don’t message guys I get messaged by men I have no interest in I get some messages with maybe 11/2 men who I was at all interested in. It always seems though men on dating sites are just meaner when I’m uglier. So how to actually win? Or is it not a website for lonely women because apparently we all got very gorgeous men approaching us irl? Which clearly is sarcasm. Advice?

By. wethechamps25

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  1. Woman here.

    A few things, as one of those naturally uglier woman, who has had a fair bit of success, and made some observations.

    1. It is possible for profile looks fake. When I get messages from very traditionally handsome men, or any man in a military uniform, or people with only professional photos I assume they are a fake profile.

    2. You may be coming off as unattainable, this would be about what your profile says as much as the photos (e.g. a checklist of what you want).

    3. I am assuming it is just because you needed to give an overview here of the issue, but just in case, it is possible you may be coming off as quite arrogant, which is not of interest to most.

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