POF : Need quick advice

POF : Need quick advice

Soo, several times now I have gotten replies to the point of them asking for my number and wanting to meet up. Only 30 minutes after talking. My gut tells me it’s a trap. What do y’all think? Am I being a bitch or is it legit? Has anyone else gotten a touchdown after the first play?

By. Stanky_Nuggz

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  1. It be like that sometimes homie.
    If it was a fake/bot they would usually ask u to join some website to get in contact with them and see their pics .
    So if they tryna talk on the phone or meet up it should be good.
    That or they are tryna harvest your organs

  2. Maybe you’re just great at conversation or have a really good profile. Some people like to get conversations off the app quickly because they find it annoying and would rather text. Be safe, but unless they’re throwing up red flags, I wouldn’t read too much into it.

  3. Meet, somewhere public, if something smells even a bit fishy, bail out.

    Scams are getting more common, I would be super wary of a woman being overly enthusiastic and wanting to meet asap, that would throw me through a loop.

  4. Usually if it is a bot they keep asking you to download KIK. I actually started talking to a guy once and within an HR he wanted to meet up that night. We met up and the date went well but nothing came out of it

  5. I actually prefer meeting someone face to face asap. You’ll have a better chance of telling if you guys will hit it off. Just make sure the meet is at a halfway spot and in a super public place.

  6. I’d text em from text app first and see if they’re real after that give em your real number !! I generally will try to get a girl off pof to message me on instagram or Snapchat cause I hate trying to have convos on the app

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