POF : Needing a little help.

POF : Needing a little help.

Hi everyone. I just joined pof a little over a week ago, but I’m having some difficulty actually getting responses back.

I’m not sure if it’s my profile, or my approach with messaging.

If anyone, ladies especially would care to take a look at my profile and give me some tips on how I can clean it up or make it better, it would be a big help. Dont worry about hurting my feelings, be brutal.

Thank you in advance for the feedback.

By. Karucu

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  1. The beard is kind of groady, I’d groom it up proper and take some new photos with it.

    As far as the not getting any responses thing, welcome to POF, you need to message dozens of girls before any of them ever respond to you. You’re just playing the lottery.

  2. Ok, I’m going straight to the chase here.

    **a)** Your pictures are telling me nothing. Change them all. Ask one of your friends to take you the pictures for you, don’t do selfies as you have done. You mention above that you work in a bar, then look for a nice area there and take a nice kickass picture of you at the bar or somewhere that looks cool, you also need an outdoor picture and a picture of you doing something interesting, you mention about going outdoor, try that. But please, don’t do selfies.

    **b) About me:**

    **b.1** * » I dont quite know what to say »* => Not a good start, think something else for a kickass start sentence here, this is a way to generic and denotes that you don’t have a clue how to communicate with the opposing sex, big turn off you’re going to be like that on date.

    **b.2** * » I haven’t dated for a few years « * => No one needs to know this. You can explain if you get asked but don’t go into details.

    **b.3** * » I like all sorts of outdoors activities… »* => Paragraph is very generic, tell me more about your outdoor activities, what are those?
    **b.4** * » It has been a while since I’ve been in the dating scene, and I’m completely new to the online thing so I may come off as a little awkward. « * => You are repeating yourself again, see b2. Also, you don’t need to explain that in advance, use that for a topic conversation instead.

    **b.5** * » Im not into playing games… « * => you are repeating yourself again, above you’re talking about honesty and you don’t play games. Should delete this or combine both texts and made one paragraph, no repeating the same thing.

    **b.6** * » I work full time 6 days a week, I have my own money, I pay my own bills. I own my own vehicle. « * => Way too much info for my likes, also, when you are going to have time to meet your date? try to rephrase the sentence.

    **b.7** * » I »m pretty rubbish at the rest of this stuff… « * => Don’t put yourself down, the ending should be the cherry of your selling speech, make it more interesting.


    Also please use grammar tool checker, you can find many online.


    Best of luck and happiness in your life.


    Cheerio bye.


  3. I agree with the other user about the full body picture, and I think adding a smiling photo will help you seem more approachable.

  4. So female in your age group with a couple of suggestions:

    * Pictures. Start again, have them taken by someone or get a cheap tripod. Make an effort with grooming and clothing for the photos – this is your first test: ‘is he serious enough about dating that he will spend 30 minutes taking good photos’. If you use selfies they should be the kind of selfie where you are at an amazing location, by yourself, so the only way to capture the location with you in it is with a selfie. At least two photos, one full body.
    * The beard. I love a beard. I do not love this beard. Spend $10 go to a barber and get it tidied up. No women is taking you to meet her family or boss with a beard in that state; and yes, thats whats going though her head.
    * Smoking. You are immediately cutting out a huge proportion of women by smoking, I am not saying change who you are, you just need to be aware of it.
    * Sometimes the forced response questions need elaborating. Specify in your about me it might be beneficial to elaborate on what « Christian – other » means; your job, remodeling could mean a lot of things; and whether you are undecided OR open about having children. Women who have ticking biological clocks and want children dont want to date someone who is undecided, they want to date someone who wants children or is open to it.
    * The about me content is good.

    Good luck.


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