Tinder : Barly is a grain

Tinder : Barly is a grain

Barly is a grain

By. dim1430

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  1. Nah man. She said “your barley a two”, not “you’re barely a two”. Basically, she’s saying your barley is ugly, not you.

  2. Why did she make it confrontational and hostile? Is she really asserting that it’s normal for guys to offer to pay for her manicures, and because he’s asking if it’s true, he’s obviously suggesting she falls beneath this norm? What a strange little bitchbag.

  3. You could gace turned that around with « I guess you’ll just have to see for yourself » and then asked an engaging question to show your first jab was setting you up as someone worth her time instead of just an insulting comment

  4. The sad thing is that some of these girls actually think they deserve money from other people just for existing.

    I have a « friend » who has no job. She just gets sent money from guys across the world on a weekly basis. And if one of them can’t afford to send money to her on a given week, she gets angry, because (her words) « it’s his responsibility to take care of me. »

    I just don’t get it.

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