POF : New to POF

POF : New to POF

I’m figuring this is a huge flag but I haven’t experienced it on Tinder/Bumble. If they have there phone number listed on there profile it’s bs right? I feel like I’m answering my own question but confirmation is always nice. Thanks

By. Burghammer

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  1. I’m only on this sub now to tell people not to use Plenty of Fish.

    My experience has only been women who are scammers or women who don’t respond to messages, so I can’t even tell if they’re real.

    I’ll admit I haven’t had much luck with online dating overall, but my sense is that POF is really no good, especially if you’re looking for even moderately conventionally attractive women. Absolutely none of the women who fit into that category or better appear to be real on this app/site.

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