POF : Some people are insane

POF : Some people are insane

So I was talking to this woman. We were getting on really well. Video chatting, texting phoning, but we hadn’t met IRL.

Anyway. I received a message on POF, it was from an ex, so I went on to insta block her. Next thing I know, the woman I was talking to had blocked me on everything. Obviously because I went on POF. Why pass a potential good thing up.

I even texted her to explain, with a screen shit of who I blocked to somewhat prove I was genuine. I really don’t know anymore.

It’s the smallest foot wrong & women ghost you. Even when there’s an explanation. Happened twice today. But the other one was messaging a woman over FB message but because I didn’t accept her friends invite. She blocked me. The thing is I wasn’t notified of the invite. I didn’t know till I happen to stumble across it. Perfectly innocent, even if it looks suspicious, worth finding out, no?

By. R0ckH4rd1c

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  1. That’s the way it is now. Women have so many options, you have to be perfect, or they move on. You can do your very best, but most of the time it still won’t be good enough. There’s nothing to do about it but keep trying.

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