POF : Not too sure

POF : Not too sure

Just got a notification from a girl who’s messaged me. But to view it. I need to be an upgraded user. Is this a ploy to get me to upgrade my account or? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

By. DJ_19XX

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  1. I’ve never seen that. You should be able to read all messages you receive. Now there is a setting they can use to make it so you have to be an upgraded user to message them. But as far as READING messages, you should be able to.

    P.s. dont pay to be an upgraded user.

  2. Its bait to tempt you into upgrading, which isn’t going to do anything but give you anxiety.


    You know what I saw a lot when you could see what people do with your messages, one of the features upgrading gets you?


    Unread/deleted, upgrading will just make you feel even more unwanted than it does atm.

  3. POF is free to message anyone. The only way you can’t send someone a message is if they are only accepting messages from upgraded users and that is only if you try to message them first. Even so if she is an upgraded user and she messaged you first then that filter she has set to only receive messages from upgraded users becomes null and void, because she messaged you first.


    Whenever you set filters such the person must have a photo in order to message you first, or they must be within your age range or be a upgraded user, the second you message someone first who is outside of any one of your filters that automatically like I said makes that filter null and void. It does that because messaged them first. It has always been like that on POF. POF has always been free and it was at one point completely free when Markus owned it

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