POF : not your first rodeo

POF : not your first rodeo

ok I might be missing the reference here… I’ve been swiping for a while tonight because I can’t sleep and I (surprisingly) ALWAYS read bios. saw this in two guys’ profiles which makes me think it’s a reference and I googled (not very hard) but no immediate luck…
is this from something??

“You’re smart. This ain’t your first rodeo. And you’re not about to fall for the preposterous claims made by so many of the profiles on this site. So here’s a refreshing perspective – the truth.”

By. tinistacos

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  1. I don’t know the origin of the expression, but it is pretty common. There is a joke about it. « So you are expected to be an expert by your second rodeo? » I know, I didn’t think it was funny, either.

  2. I’ve come across a bunch of bots made by the same person that just copy/pastas the same bio. If you talk to them or they reply, they will more than likely send you a link, ask for your email, or get you to text them directly… where they then proceed to send you a scam link. XD

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