POF : Ok I’m going to address the whale in the room, sorry I really ain’t trying to be mean.

POF : Ok I’m going to address the whale in the room, sorry I really ain’t trying to be mean.

Now here’s what aggravates me. The body type question. I am of average body type, meaning I’m 5’8” 160lbs. I’m not skinny and not athletic because I don’t exercise. Not a few extra lbs either. In fact as per my yearly physical, I am considered normal in BMI. I am not in the least physically attracted to large women or heavyset women. Now I do like shapely women or what I cal good curvy.

But anyway the question includes an exclusion clause to filter out those of a few extra lbs or BBW which I assume is obese. I verified the setting, but for every 1 non overweight or obese woman there are 40 that are. It took me a minute but these women are lying saying they’re average. I’m talking about women that in no way whatsoever could fit on the back of my Harley, much less be able to mount the bike. That is far from average, even far from a few extra lbs.

I hate liars first off and never swipe to a picture with no body shots. Let’s not waste time here or build a relationship on deception. With that said on other apps I’ve swiped to a few girls that are bigger than I usually date because took good pictures and had good profile. Not odd angles and only headshots. It was a girl at work that actually swore by this app that why I tried it. She’s who I’d consider average body type and fairly pretty. Maybe the girl side is better.

On another note the quality matches are terrible. Examples are- a main profile picture is a half face shot, a 33 year old with more wrinkles than my 70 year old mother, a girl with track marks, etc. I’m not very picky at all short of the weight thing simply because I’ve never been overweight myself. Am I doing something wrong or is this everyone else’s experience?

By. Ni-ght-mare

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  1. Well to be honest. Between 60 – 70% of Americans are « overweight or obese » (source – []( ).


    Technically what you’re seeing is « average ». :/ Maybe try looking for the « slim / athletic » body type?

  2. I am 5 ft 6 and 145 lb female and I put a few. Extra pounds in my profile . I think I could be in better shape but I am not fat . I see huge woman saying they average in my guy friends search who say they don’t have a few extra pounds. Wtf maybe I should change my profile to thin. Why do people have to lie.

  3. You hit the nail right on the head. We live in a culture of denial. The word fat isn’t allowed to be used anymore… Everybody is supposed to pretend like it doesn’t exist.

    Average should be exactly what you explained it to be…5’8 160 can’t get much more average than that.

    But because the female gender has unbelievable confidence issues with how they look… Society lets them use different words to explain what shape they are in.

    I’ve seen the same thing on every dating site that I’ve been on… Women that are easily 50 pounds overweight… Yet they put average, and some even put athletic as their body type, I guess they think that’s OK because they play bocce once a month.

    The sad thing about all of this… Is that guys like the OP and myself will get bashed and down voted for calling people out on this bullshit.

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