Dating : Week 1 of Long Distance Dating

h2>Dating : Week 1 of Long Distance Dating

Week 1 of Long Distance Dating

A 15 hour time distance is quite large. So is about 7000 miles. That’s the distance my girlfriend and I are going through. You really don’t undersand how to long distance until you’ve done it. Here is what I’ve learned so far in our first week.

  • You experience your life without them.
  • A good messaging app is the best move.
  • You look forward to meet-up events more than anything else.

Being with someone for a while then suddenly having to wake up not next to them is one of the most crushing feelings to wake up with. Making meals for one gets lonely quickly. Not having your significant other with you shows you what your life would be like without them anymore. It makes you realize how much they truly mean to you and how much love you have for them.

Having the capability to communicate and communicate often is the most important part, because you’re still together, just not in the same physical space anymore. Whether it’s standard issue waking up to a good morning text or going to sleep right after the good night text, or video calling to talk about nothing specific, talking to your loved one helps insanely.

Having a time to look forward to where you will see them again gives such a goal to anticipate. That date can’t come any quicker and every day working to make it happen makes the whole experience easier.

Nobody ever said long distance relationships are easy. In fact, this is one of the hardest things I think I’ve ever done. However, my girlfriend and I are gonna get through it, and when the long distance part is over, the relation between the two is so much stronger.

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