POF : Online dating for a man 5″7 and under on pof is how racism feels.

POF : Online dating for a man 5″7 and under on pof is how racism feels.

Everyone hates you for something out of your control, nobody will talk to you and eventually bad things happen (getting banned etc etc)

By. Serveradman

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  1. How does being a man under 5’7″ end up getting you banned unless you react to that kind of stuff coming up in completely the wrong way? Let’s not play the r/niceguys card and try to unfairly blame women as a whole for something

    Now is it true that the majority of women OBVIOUSLY (and sometimes obnoxiously loudly) prefer tall guys? Yes, I’m barely 5’6″ and it’s definitely a thing. But if you’re claiming that being a certain height by itself is getting you banned from a dating site, then you’ve clearly got other issues the work out. Specifically, the way you handle this topic when it comes up.

    Don’t take it personally. Everyone has preferences just as I’m sure you do. But unfortunately, our height doesn’t usually fall into those preferences.

    Just something you have to overcome

  2. I dated men 5′ 7″ and under. Other guys manage to not get banned.

    And I don’t think you know what racism is.

    This sub is full of salty guys who try to foist their behavior off on others.

  3. Yyyyyeeeeaaah… But POF won’t enslave you or whip you or make you sit at the back of the bus or make your kids go to segregated schools or shoot when you’re not armed, so…

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