POF : Perplexed with POF

POF : Perplexed with POF

Been on POF a few weeks. Have placed a few gals in favorites. Just lurking for awhile to try to get a feel for how it works.

I see a few gals with online status. Then notice they appear to be online a lot.

I finally decide to email one particular gal who appears to be active and online regularly.

Then crickets! Nothing! Nada!

Never online anymore!

Just weird! Is POF gaming its participants?

By. LandOnMyFeet

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What do you think?

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  1. This is because POF is now owned by match. Markus created the site in 2006 and it became widely popular by 2009. in 2009 I tested it out and it was way better than it is now. So basically match owns 90% of the online dating community and is basically trying to get everyone to switch to match and pay for their service. I mean POF used to be completely free except for a few small things that you really didn’t need. Now the only thing that seems free is sending messages

  2. Aside from the points made by others here, you have to consider other factors. Primarily, how much mail some women get, and the low quality of much of it. Ask a few female friends about their experiences, it’s eye opening, and rather sad.

    It’s rough for a ‘regular nice guy’ to find much success on sites like this. It takes a bit of luck….if not a lot. In the end, just be yourself, redpectful, and extremely patient.

  3. You get nothing but crickets because the woman is flooded with messages . I am very average looking maybe cute. Nice profile . I get a min of 150 plus messages a day. I have to go through each one which is exhausting half are crap from not real people or people really far away often in other countries. How is s girl supposed to meet a real person it just stinks

  4. I’ve been using a couple of these dating sites (POF, OKC) for eight years. One of the first things I noticed was how many strange things go on. Users play games, the operators of the sites play games. It’s all a bunch of garbage and has been a poor way for ME to meet people.

    Always in these kinds of discussions, someone pipes up and says, « I MET MY WIFE ON THAT SITE AND WE’RE HYSTERICALLY HAPPY !!! »

    Believe what you will…

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