Dating : Can “prayer” be used to dispel superstitions?

h2>Dating : Can “prayer” be used to dispel superstitions?

As a Philosopher, one of my grim tasks is to dispel superstitions. I use satire as my weapon. It’s super ineffective. I keep fighting the same bad ideas over and over again.

Fun fact, the article I stole this from is wrong. This catch phrase originated in the RPG Earthbound, which came out about two years earlier than Pokemon. I didn’t need to look that up. I “remembered it.” Apparently, this is the power of an X-Man Mutant level super-brain. People are astonished by my ability to “remember” and “think.” One of my students told me that my IQ must be “over 9,000.” I hope not.

Once I prayed to see supernatural evil. I don’t believe a God ever answered that prayer, because the most evil things I’ve ever seen on Earth were manifestations of tedious, empty superstitions that harm children. Mostly young boys.

Unless Organized Religion and/or public school itself is Shaitan… there is no God at all.

This is yet another way of trying to prove Catholics and Protestant Christians wrong. In Reformation Islam, Anti-Pope Francis the Inept is Satan’s Emissary on Earth. In Reform Christianity, Pope Francis is to be held in the highest respect as the Vicar of Christ. Notice how in the last few months I’ve engineered two religions. One is a mash-up of Islam and Sedevacantist Catholicism. The other is a straightforward attempt to make myself into a Catholic Atheist Martin Luther and it is working.

Multiple Atheists have told me that they might be Atheist Muslims as long as that means they don’t have to believe in God or anything else about the religion being literally true. We’re all okay with that. I’m waiting to hear back from some Muslim Clerics.

I think they’re both pretty good, and I think they’re both relevant in any discussion about religion and the most important things in life. For me, that’s love, art, music, Philosophy, etc. How can Reform Christianity help?

Every sunday, you have to go to MASS. Even Protestant Churches are Cathedrals, because Jesus told St. Peter specifically that he was the first Pope. With Jesus the Christ dead… the Pope’s job is to prove that Jesus the Christ was reborn as the Light of All the Earth. The Pope’s job is to use “prayer” (imagination) to “control” (hypnotize) the followers of Jesus to control their “behavior.”

Arch-Heretics solemnly using the power of “prayer” to “control” their “followers.” Note the ominous, frilly costumes mandated by the villainous Vatican II Sect… which is not the Catholic Church. Would Jesus have worn a cape of gold at any time?

Did anyone ever get anything out of a religion that wasn’t “if you pray for it enough it might happen?” Did anyone get anything out of a government that wasn’t “do this, don’t do that… or we’ll shoot you?”

As far as I can tell, people are basically like the ghosts from Pacman. They sure do feel like they’re chasing you, don’t they? In reality, their movements are based on simple rules of logic programmed by an engineer. A bored computer programmer who was trying to design a good game. He succeeded. Who doesn’t remember Pacman if you played it for five minutes at any time in your life.

I feel like God is bad at designing the Cosmos. Admittedly, I don’t have enough information. I haven’t explored the moon or Mars. Maybe in another galaxy there’s another planet with life that doesn’t hate Earthlings.

That seems too good to be true. If we ever find a planet with life… we probably just discovered the first real life War of the Worlds.

They would act like no one ever saw this coming. Also, is this a spin-off of War of the Worlds? Who the Hell is Mike Brunton?

Of all the lies and superstitions of Organized Religion, the worst is Unconditional Love. It’s a pathological concept. No one should be loved unconditionally. If you never reject someone you love, they will never improve as people. They will remain trapped in their lives and stuck in the monotonous behavior patterns that made you want to reject them in the first place.

When teenagers discuss this stuff, they call it “The Red Pill” or “oneitis.”

Everyone deserves a second or third or fourth chance, but after the n-th chance… there’s a time to push someone away. It’s not an act of hatred. It’s an act of compassion to tell someone “you suck… so maybe you should just go away.” Even if it’s someone you “love.”

No one is anyone else’s True Love. It’s a fairy tale concept that shouldn’t be taught to children at all. If you have a “true love,” it’s someone who loves you enough to be there for you enough that you realize it’s true after it happens. Your “true love” is just the romantic partner that feels like your best friend for the longest period of time. It happens in retrospect after a successful long term relationship.

When a man and a woman are trapped in a situation where it’s an endless tug of war between a woman and a man who never seem to “find each other” it’s because they’re both trying to accept that the practical consequence of this is “everyone else for me and no one for you” for the boy.

“The war for one woman’s heart is the War of All Against All.”

When this happens once it’s called a tragedy. When it happens on a national scale it’s called a Zoot Suit Riot.

My term for this is “null-rape.” It’s an important meme that we should try to spread if we can.

A null-rape is a situation where someone you love refuses to have sex with you. Otherwise called “oneitis.” Friends without benefits. Women call it “true love,” and it does work in both directions sometimes. Not during a null-rape.

In a null-rape there is no sex between two people who allegedly love each other. Neither of them can let go of the fact that they aren’t in love. The victim is usually the male and usually is receiving no sexual contact from anyone at all. The null-rapist is usually a female and is receiving lots of sexual contact from several men.

The woman is deciding if she is ever going to share her sexuality with her victim and the answer in her imagination is already “no.” She just hasn’t figured out why yet. The answer is always the same thing. “She’s not that into you.”

So people call this “the red pill” because of some Internet forums like r/theredpill and r/conspiracy. Before that it was the Chans. Before that it was Something Awful. On Something Awful we were all bitching about Digg.

The answer is the man needs to suck it up and walk away.

What makes it a little easier is sitting alone in a dark room and trying to meditate. When you think of your “true love” just say “no.” Turn your back on it, over and over again. Eventually you will be able to walk away. Even when it seems impossible.

Like Christianity in the sands of a parched, crater-strewn desert… without the blessed water of Atheist Reformation Islam… when you turn your back on a ghost… you take away its power and it disappears.

The only thing missing from this picture is skepticism. Getting people to do yoga together in front of a cool building is fun. They do it in China all the time. They call it “taichi.” You can do it at home too. You don’t need to do it at certain times every day. That does help you get in the habit.
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