POF : Please help! Had great convo, her account disappeared

POF : Please help! Had great convo, her account disappeared

Hey need some ideas how I can get one message through to someone who appears to have had their account deleted.
Girl that we really seem to have hit it off and mid conversation I close the app and go back on and it’s all gone including her profile, not sure what happened???
I know her profile name, first name, City she lives in and occupation, as well as one of the profile photos that I was able to get when I googled the POF account, it was residually still up I guess and disappeared a few minutes after I saved it.
Any ideas??? Really think something weird happened on her end, but on how the convo was going I think she would want me to at least give her my contact info elsewhere, if she doesn’t I’ll just leave, but I need to make sure it is her choice and not a shitty system thing.

By. honestlybored

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  1. Is this a joke or a serious question?

    If I get 10 notification alerts that someone « Wants to Meet You » every day, about 9 of them are fake profiles that disappear soon afterwards.

    Did « she » have a load of numbers in her username? Like « jenny_372624 » or something?

    Another thing I’ve had is this « video chat » scam, where they ask you to speak to them via video link. I pretend I don’t have that facility on my app, and they say they’ll send you a link to enable it. They offer to help and send you a link to a fake site that looks like it’s official POF, but asks for credit card information to « verify » your account etc.

    POF is full of scammers nowadays, and I’m only usually logging in for a laugh and to see what the latest scam is. It’s virtually worthless as a genuine dating site nowadays. There’s the odd one on there that’s real, but the vast majority are scams.

    Just be careful mate. If her account has suddenly disappeared, it’s probably because it was fake.

  2. Even if something « weird » did happen at her end and her account got deleted by accident, she is aware of your username. If she wishes to continue taking with you she would simply need to set up a new account and then find you. IMO even if her account was deleted in error and she was disappointed that contact had been lost, you tracking her down off site would still come across as really creepy.

  3. That’s doing too much. Girls aren’t very good at being mean if they’re not into someone. She blocked you, and it’s also weird that you know everything that was on her profile.

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