POF : Plenty of fish

POF : Plenty of fish

Is this a POF scam?

So I was on POF and this girl dm’d me and it said she was 23 on the site and I’m 18 currently, but we exchanged numbers and continued to talk. She started asking basic questions on like how am I and what I do for a living etc. and then she sent me a picture of her in her underwear and asked me to send one back so I did, I sent her a dick picture. And we continued talking and then she sent me this long paragraph telling me what she wanted and she said in her 17 years she has only been with girls not guys, and so it just went over my head ya know cause I was under the impression she was 23 according to the app. And then it went silent for a couple days and then I get a call a few days later about a “private investigator”and her “mom” and the private investigator went off about his badge number and everything talking about he and the mother want more information on the subject of her apparently underage daughter. And then the mother tells me that her daughter overdosed and lived and she needs help, she said she didn’t want to go to the authorities or make this public. So I hung up on them before they could ask for money or anything because I figured most private investigators would either contact a police department or even ask me to come in. Then it went silent for 3 weeks and I got a call from her “mom” again and she started to ask and I hung up on her again and blocked the number. Then somebody called her number and her husband picked up after calling 11 times and it seemed to be a track phone, and he asked my “friend” if he knew his daughter and said two names, one being her “real name” and one name being the one she sometimes goes by. Any ideas? Scam or should I be scared shitless like I have been for making such a stupid mistake…

By. Zek854

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