POF : Plentyoffish double edge sword

POF : Plentyoffish double edge sword

Its a lose lose no matter what imagine not knowing nothing about these app and you in a relationship then someone show you « hey look at this » and its looks pleasing to see how easy it is to find someone these days STOP Now imagine now im not wanting a girl from these dirty apps and finding 1 outside but BOOM she on These dating apps STOP You cant win you have to find someone who understand why they dont and wont or need these apps because we becoming a number to ppl and viceversa

By. Silenceisgodyoutuber

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  1. W.T.F. ?

    Well we all know this POF thing is full of crap .

    Still it is good for a laugh.

    I get heaps of hookers looking for work.

    Sorry gals ya axe wound aint worth more than $5.00 any day of the week

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POF : I am so sick of seeing hoes look like this. Dumbass filled lips, saggy titties being held up by copious amounts of underwire, stupid looking faces – usually in duck form or poking a tongue out – like wtf has happened to society? This goes to show how DUMB people are. Wise up, whores. Instagram sux

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