POF : POF Dating Scams for Women in 50’s

POF : POF Dating Scams for Women in 50’s

POF has been one scam after the other for the past almost 3 months. I recently learned to search the photo’s in Yandex and this has helped to have their profiles removed from POF pretty quickly!

I think we need to start a group where we go after the scammers and turn the tables on them lol! Where we can chit chat about whose who and run them all outta town.

I’ve learned that there are some pretty fast ways to weed out the scammers pronto.

1. Ask them how long they’ve lived where they’ve posted they live. A scammer will always answer I moved here the past week or two BECAUSE the next question you will ask them is something specific about the area to which of course they don’t know.
2. Ask them something specific about their profile, they will usually breeze right past it, because of course it is not their profile at all. I once asked someone what kind of guitar they had (who said they played guitar) and he had no idea what kind of guitars there were, lol. So GET SPECIFIC!

Many scammers can be weeded out in the first question or two, saving you a lot of time and heartache.

3) When they spell a little funny, ask them « Are you American? » Some will fall off right now because they just give up. Some will say yes, but they will now have to give an explanation which you should carefully listen to!

4) When someone opens with I’m widowed, come on think about it, NO widowed man starts off saying they’re widowed! RED FLAG!

5) When they start off professing they’re looking for a soul mate … Really ? Where are these ‘men’ that want a soul mate that look like models? Be on the alert!

6) So let’s say you get past all that like I did recently. The guy seemed like a gentleman and typed great english.


First I have to mention, that the other method I LIVE BY, is never give your Google Voice number out, until you have a time set up to talk on the phone! I have regretted this every single time because of the delays. A guy that wants you off the App quickly is probably a scammer. I couldn’t figure this out for a long time. But I think it’s that they don’t want the paper trail and they also don’t want you to think they’re serial daters while they’re trying to smooze you into believing your it!


So this Guy, called Samuel6651 (corrected from 6654) on POF tells me he’s also had a lot of scammers and comes off as a great guy. He even out of the blue says can I call you? I want to hear your voice! He told me he’d have a German accent because he lived in Germany from age 2-20 at which time he had moved to Milwaukee. Now he had just moved to CT and his daughter Janice and grandbaby lived there. (Divorced Libra, age 53).


So he tells me that Monday (we spoke Sunday) that he has an interview. For 3 days he has an interview and when I ask what it’s for he tells me he is into ‘mining’ diamonds, etc. I’m like mining diamonds….in CT? Hmmmm. But he basically passes it off as not necessarily diamonds, but soil testing, etc so I’m like on guard but let’s see where this goes.


Day 1/2: Normal stuff texts at night/morning, doesn’t go online unless it’s to communicate w/ me. Says he’d rather just use the cell instead of being on the site at all. He’s hardly ever out there (typical, why wouldn’t you be on a dating site if you’re looking for someone?) Gets into favorite food, ever had breakfast in bed, wants to have a ‘friend’ first (this is a set-up for later when he’s not going to be available)


Day 3: Texts first thing in am (has been following this pattern). Goes on interview for 9am, test first thing in the morning to say good morning, etc at 7’ish EDT Around 5pm I ask him how did it go? And I’m a little leary because he was so excited and so communicative it seems odd, he didn’t say how it went because I did ask him to let me know. Anyway, I brush it off and don’t get a reply until 6pm about it going well but to pray for him because he has to go back for a 2nd interview.

And then a 3rd, same pattern the next day.

The last day of his interview I decide that I’m not texting him at all because I suspect he’s foreign and sleeps all this time. And I don’t hear from him until 730pm or so. I’ve noticed every nite he’s exhaused and talking about bed at 7pm because he’s sooo tired w/ the interview. (Really?)

The last day I wait quite a while to reply, he’s like calling out, « Are you there »? « Guess what! » and I’m sitting back going Here we go! Can I even stand what’s coming next lol?


So I say Oh I guess you’re a working man now. He’s like « Yes I am, I’m so excited ».


I ask, « What’s your title? »


So now he goes from interviewing at a new company, with no website, to this, « In my job, I am the head, I am self employed and I got it, but the job is in Asia, malaysia to be precise. (ding, ding, ding this timezone makes sense for his sleeping!) I am a little bit nervous but i really need this job and i will make it through, i want us to continue texting even when I am on my trip until i am back because i am travelling on saturday, and its a two weeks job, will you wait for me, then when i’m back we can have our first special date, the bad news is we won’t be seeing on tuesday (hunh? we NEVER planned any date!) can you wait for me until I am back,  »

AT this point the convo gets a little ugly, but let’s just say I vented some…

Here’s his picture:


[Samuel Picture (not on Yandex but the next one is)](


[notice how he is on multiple pof sites out of the country!](


LADIES AND GENTS use Yandex! And I hope the pointers are helpful. Also, when your report the scammers, letting them know the profile pic was found in Yandex gets them deleted within the day.

4/6 UPDATE: Amazingly POF refunded all of my $$ for the 3-month membership! I did not ask for a refund because I never in a million thought they would care. I was almost done w/ the 3 months and I just deleted photos and profile content. They must be monitoring all the scammers I reported and all the negative reviews I posted when they kept popping up the review tab.



By. femalefifties

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  1. Wow this is a really good post.

    Some other scams I’ve come across are dead relative that worked for some fortune 500 company in Africa, has to fly out to collect stuff. Military guy just stationed, military guy overseas and new to the area like you said. I noticed the bad English, or more precisely colloquialism in their text. Some scammers/bots, always reply after 5 minutes.

    Almost forgot, came across a sugar daddy scammer. Wanted to give me $400 a week and wanted to know my bank account so his finance doode could start payments. I kept telling him let’s meet first, and he kept insisting. Told him he didnt need my bank info with things like zelle, venmo and PayPal, but he kept insisting. When I asked when could we meet, hes like 2 weeks from now. I told him to text me only when hes in the area. Kept pushing for bank acct info loool.

  2. Also watch out for « Marines » stationed overseas… I had a couple of them recently.

    One of them was trying to tell me he was a single dad, stationed in East Africa and his daughter was staying with friends while he was deployed, but of course, his internet was « running out » and his card wouldn’t work in the machines over there, could I help him? HA!

    First of all- single parents do NOT get deployed by any UK service.

    Secondly- there is a welfare officer with every long-term deployment that deals with issues like bank cards, pay etc.

    Thirdly- Services get free wi-fi.

    Don’t fall for any of it. I strung him along saying I was upset to hear about his problems, and asking if he had friends there that could help him. I also said he should save what net he had remaining to speak to his daughter…

  3. I use []( as it searches Bing, Google and Yandex at the same time.

    There’s also []( but I run in to errors a lot on that site, so rarely use it anymore. YMMV

    A lot of what you said also applies to female profiles, like « widowed » at 30-something. Both parents died in a car crash. Living with their grandparents, etc.

    Also, check and see if their bio matches the photo. They have blonde hair in their photo but show as « black » hair in their profile? Red flag….

  4. It’s not our job or responsibility to prevent scam accounts. It’s POF’s responsibility to provide a safe network for people looking for a mate.

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