Dating : The girl with the glossy eyes

h2>Dating : The girl with the glossy eyes

The girl with the glossy eyes

The house was quiet like there was no soul to it. The winds whooshed like they were raging over it’s death and trying the last chance at a CPR to resurrect the life of the empty house. A girl, 5 or 6 walked outside the house towards the mango trees planted in the corner of the road. She had the cutest chubby cheeks, brown shiny skin as if the sun penetrated her skin and sparkled each cell into a little lantern. She looked and found no one around and as if that was her chance , she climbed up the branches to find the huge log of wood that made a perfect seat. She hung her legs to both sides of the branch holding it tightly between her thighs but also her hands in the air trying to reach the little flowers. as if she was afraid to fall yet wanted to reach the unreached. She looked up with the two most glossy eyes anyone had ever seen. It was like her eyes were ocean filled with endless bounds of water, so deep that the depth was lost in the darkness of her black iris. She smiled and a droplet escaped the crinkles formed by the eye.

“You have glossy eyes” said everybody that met her. Her smiles reflected into her eyes and her eyes watered up everytime she laughed.

Suddenly, she saw a shadow coming towards her. It walked as if it had lost it’s direction, it’s sense of awareness and its sense of vision. It fell and wriggled towards the stairs but couldn’t get up. It lay there in the puddle of its own puke. She wasn’t afraid, she looked at it and shouted with all her strength “DAD, I am coming to help you, don’t cry!!”.

She jumped off the tree and as if the little girl had turned into a woman, she ran to him and held his face wiping his lips covered with puke on her kerchief and trying to pull him up and take him in to his bed while his drunk feet dangled slowly his hands bending a bit to her shoulders.

“I have glossy eyes” she thought to herself, holding his hands in her little hands “ so no one would know if I am crying or laughing, so I can hide my tears in my smiles, so the darkness of gloom would hide behind the ocean of teary gloss, so it’s just up to the brim but never spills, so it waters my soul that’s drying, so I am no more a little girl but a girl with just a little ”….”a little of love, a little of care, a little of DAD and a little. elsewhere!!

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